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Northern Nature Tour This private tour includes these unique locations: The Ussishkin House The Dan Reserve The Hahula Lake

The Ussishkin House:

This historical gem, what used to be the residence of Menachem Ussishkin, now functions as a Museum of Nature revolving around the Hahula Valley and its inhabitants. The ancient city of Dan, dated back to the mid-Bronze period, the 18th century BC, was one of the most important locations is the country, until Herod shifted the gravity center from the Dan to the Hermon River.

The Dan Reserve

As your Israel tour guide, I strongly recommend this beautiful patch of green. The reserve offers several tracks, including the archeological site.
The Dan River supplies Israel with approximately 20% of its drinking water. The plants and greenery are a combination of plants from different climates. An Atlantic Terebinth, Platanus, and a large group of water plants, mostly cosmopolitan.
Several kinds of animals can be viewed in the reserve, including tropical and subtropical, savannas and Middle Eastern species. Moreover, you will be able to explore 27 kinds of vines.

The Hahula Lake

No nature tour of Israel is complete without the famous Hahula Lake. It is an artificial lake at the center on the Hahula Valley, and around it is the popular touristic site of bird watching.
The Hahula Valley is a plateau valley in the north of Israel, occupying the greater part of the Galilee panhandle. The valley is the northern part of the Jordan Rift, which is part of the Great Rift Valley. This valley is teeming with water. In the middle of the 20th century, the place was dried out of its swamps in order to settle the area. The dried parts were used for farming, but the process of drying the swamps change the ecological balance of the area and it was decided to flood the area again in order to return nature to its previous stage.

Ehud Peretz - Tour Guide
Ehud Peretz - Tour Guide

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